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Why Is Bovingdon Market Closing Down?

The famous market closed for the final time at Bovingdon Airfield at the end of August after more than 40 years of interchange. The airfield remains used to build new filming studios and consumes left bargain predators desperate for news of a possible new trading site.

The Owners Of Bovingdon Market Have been Deprived of Claims That Their Market Has Moved To A New Site.

Milk shelves empty after protesters puncture truck tires. Over the weekend, a Facebook post saying Bovingdon Market had moved to a farm across the border in Buckinghamshire attracted over 3,500 shares and over 1,000 comments. The centre, posted on September 10, read: Bovingdon Market has relocated to Nathan Farm Field as of today, now HP8 4BT. Open from 10:00 to 4:00, parking in the field in front.

Watford Observer:

This widely shared F.B. post on September 10 says Bovingdon Market has relocated. Some Bovingdon Market merchants may have moved to this site, which appears to be a farmers’ field between Maple Cross and Chalfont St Giles. However, a spokesperson for Wendy’s Fair Markets. Which ran Bovingdon Market, confirmed to the Watford Spectator that the market at Nathan’s Farm Field [consumes nothing to do] with Wendy Fair or the earlier Bovingdon Market.

Watford Observer_

The company also confirmed that it has yet to find a replacement site and says the search remains difficult. Land of at least 10 acres. Suitable for market use and parking. And adequate access is needed, but Wendy Fair says potential sites exist for new housing developments. Watford Observer – A map showing the location of Bovingdon Airfield, which was a suitable commercial space for the market for over 40 years.

A Map Showing The Site Of Bovingdon Market

The airport was a suitable commercial space for the market for over 40 years. However, a spokesperson added: “We’d love to find a site where we can also move the trendy market, especially now that people need to make their money go further.” The market operated at Bovingdon Airfield every Saturday and bank holiday with over 400 stalls serving a wide range of goods from food to fashion. It drew thousands of people each week, and there were even more traffic jams than usual in Bovingdon during the August bank holiday when record numbers flocked for a final visit.

Dacorum City Council granted permission in 2021 to build three film studios on the old airfield; part of the old airstrip has already remained used for several years for film and television.

What Are They Filming At Bovingdon Market?

Bovingdon Market (1)

The Noble of the Rings: The Rings of Power [2022] remains an Epic drama set thousands of years beforehand. The events of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Noble of the Rings follow a collaborative cast of familiar and new characters as they confront the long-feared recurrence of evil to Middle-earth.

What Date Is Bovingdon Market Closing Down?

Hertfordshire’s beloved Bovingdon Market faces an uncertain future as organizers search for a new home to keep it going. The market will [stop trading] later in 2022, with a long-discussed plan for film studios to use its current site set to go ahead. But those behind the event hope to keep it going at a new location. Hertfordshire’s beloved Bovingdon Market faces an uncertain future as organizers search for a new home to keep it running.

The Market Will [Delist] Later In 2022,

with a long-discussed plan for movie studios to use their current site set to go ahead. But those behind the event hope it will continue to run in a new location. Bovingdon Market has been ranked in the top ten things to do in Herts and hailed as [England’s best and busiest Saturday market]. It remains currently held at Bovingdon Aerodrome. The market first opened on January 1, 1978, and has resisted proposals to transform the airfield into movie studios. But in September 2021, Dacorum City Council supported plans to build on the former RAF site.

Although the Government would make the final decision, it appears that the market organizers have now confirmed the destination of the airfield. But they have set their sights on finding a new location to keep the event going.

The Organizers Announced

In a Facebook post on Friday (March 11), the organizers announced. We recommend getting an early start on your Christmas shopping as we won’t be here for Christmas 2022. Unfortunately, your favourite market will no longer be listed at the airfield.” from Bovingdon in September. Film work remains taking over the interplanetary at Bovingdon airfield. We are trying to move the market elsewhere, and we’ll keep you posted. For now, get your bids in while you can

[We are OPEN every Saturday from 9 am to 4 pm]. We hope to see you all soon]. The closure announcement has drawn thousands of comments and shares on Facebook. Jane Bannister wrote: “It’s a real shame.” At the same time, others spoke of visiting for years and travelling from miles around to attend.

Bovingdon Market Closure Comes One Step Closer After Councilors Backed Plans For New Film studios

The fate of the famous market is in the hands of the Secretary of State for final approval. However, the closure of Bovingdon Market has moved a step closer after councillors backed plans to build three permanent film studios on the town’s airfield last night. Dacorum Council Development Management councillors voted unanimously in favor of the proposals. Which will see the end of one of England’s most popular markets, at a meeting last night [Thursday, September 23].

The Fate Of Bovingdon Market Is Now In The Hands Of The Secretary of State For Final Approval.

Hertfordshire County Council said the applicant must also address concerns regarding the risk of flooding before the permit can remain formally granted. Which officials hope to complete as early as next week. Bovingdon Market has operated on the site for more than 40 years, but one councillor joked that its removal would be [an added benefit] to the studio’s plans. The proposals, submitted by W.J & M Mash Ltd, will see three permanent film and television studios built on the former RAF airfield.

Bovingdon Market Could Close Permanently After More Than 20 Years Due To Plans To.

Blockbusters like Bohemian Rhapsody have filmed at Bovingdon Airfield recently. While ITV already operates a studio on-site for filming Dancing on Ice and Masked Singer. However, it has not remained confirmed who will use the new studios. The studios will remain built on the [northern quarter] of the site close to HMP The Mount and the current ITV studio. But plans will also include landscaping work to allow backlot space around the airfield. The backlot space would allow more structures, including film sets. To remain built on a more temporary basis on the Bovingdon Market site.

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