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Generates Demand And Revenue

The Law Of Demand

Generates Demand And Revenue – Markets have two agents: buyers and sellers. Demand represents buyers in a market. Demand is a description of all the quantities of a good or service. That a buyer would be willing to buy at all different prices. According to the law of demand, this bond is permanently negative: the response to an increase in price is a decrease in quantity demands. For example, if the value of scented erasers falls, buyers will respond to this price decrease with an increasing amount demands of scented erasers. The market for a good requires supply and demand.

Estimating demand will vary depending on the product or service offer. The simplest case is that of non-perishable products in vast need (for example, rice, wheat, and corn). However, we will also discuss how to determine the demand for perishable, special, or innovative products, as well as services.

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The Determining Of Demand

The Determining Of Demand

What influences demand besides price? Factors such as changes in consumer incomes also cause market demand to rise or fall. For example, if the quantity of buyers in a market declines, there will be less quantity demands at any price, which means demand has decrease.

For example, if scented erasers are everyday goods, when buyers have more income, they will buy more scented erasers. At any possible price; this would also shift the demand curve to the right.

It is crucial to recollect that there may be benefits arising simply from the fact . That the investment was made in terms of the creation of work for the construction and preparation of the same. If the investment generating  several jobs during this period, it is important to indicate this benefit clearly in the proposal document.

How To Estimate The Value Of Benefits?

Once the population of direct and indirect beneficiaries has been determines, the next challenge is to quantify the impact. That is, to determine the value of the resulting benefits. It is essential to understand that the type and degree of help will not always be the same for all users. Generates Demand And Revenue People who live near the area of the project may benefit more than others.  The example of mangrove protection clearly shows that the benefits for different types of users – shrimp fishers, the tourism sector and farmers – can be completely other.

The present difficulties in calculating the precise value of the benefits do not justify neglecting this calculation. It is vitally important to give the lender some description of the nature and magnitude of the expects benefits. In the absence of this analysis, it may choose to fund an alternative proposal in which the applicants provide a better explanation of the anticipated benefits.

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How To Estimate Demand In The Market Presence?

The market is key to any investment to generate income and profit. The measure of demand for a product or service will be the number of people who buy or use it. No income-generating project can sustain itself if it fails to respond to market demands. This means that when a product or service is made and place on the market. The product must meet the characteristics that users are looking for, in terms of volume, price, packaging, quality, and seasonal supply, among others. If this is achieves, the product or service is sold, and the money generate is use  to continue operations and to cover investment costs.

Assessing the demand (existing or potential) for a propose service or product should therefore be the first step in determining whether an investment is feasible.

The evaluation of the demand not only determines the general feasibility of the investment and often the magnitude of the production. But it can also have a significant impact on the characteristics of the product to be generate, the technology apply . The inputs that can be use (for example, certain types of agrochemicals); and activity schedule. Consequently, any investment proposal that lacks a definitive market study is, by definition, inadequate.

How To Estimate Demand In The Absence Of A Market?

In the previous section, we saw that a reliable estimate of demand and price levels could be challenging. However, estimating demand is even more complex in the absence of markets for the products generating  by the investment. When a product is sold, its buyers can be said to be its customers or beneficiaries. And the demand corresponds to the number of products sold to these customers. A significant factor is that it can be assume that the market will provide a clear indication of the value of the product and thus facilitate the estimation of benefits

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