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Archway and Turaco Combine to Create an Industry Leader in Card and also Supply Chain Solutions

Archway Marketing Services, The combined business will operate as Archway and also offer comprehensive digital printing, plastic cards, marketing, and also supply chain solutions. In addition. The transactions will expand essential market customer products and also service offerings and technology capabilities.

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Archway Marketing Services Inc. Archway, a leader in marketing processes and also supply chain services announced today that it has completed a transaction to syndicate its business with New Teraco Inc. Teraco an innovative technology-focused solutions provider for loyalty and also gift card programs, to create an industry leading card and supply chain solutions company.

The Combined Businesses Will Function Under the Archway Brand.

Kerry James, CEO of Archway, will serve as CEO of the newly merged company. And also Harrison A. Bubrosky, CEO of Turaco, will join Archway’s executive management team.

“We aim to expand our client’s product and also service offerings and technology capabilities in key markets. We are strong-minded that the best way forward would be to partner with a synergistic marketing solutions company with a similar brand-centric approach. Fortune 1000 companies,” said Kerry James, CEO of Archway.

 “We are Delighted to Have Found that Partner in Turaco.”

“The integration of the Turaco and Archway platforms will enable us to achieve our long-term plan of creating a larger and stronger marketing logistics and solutions platform,” said Harrison A. Bub risky, chief executive officer of Turaco. “This combination ensures that we are in a strong position to execute our company’s business goals immediately.”

The new Archway stage will apply the latest industry technology for the benefit of its clients and offer an expanded set of client products and services:

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Comprehensive Gift Card Solutions:

Turaco’s card design and manufacturing capabilities will remain combined with Archway’s nationwide fulfillment and logistics platform to create a unique and comprehensive ability in the gift card market. Its integrated platform will provide the industry with the most advanced applications and the highest quality plastic cards. In addition, the combined company will reduce the cost of production and logistics. Improve execution and enhance the brand knowledge at every stage of clients’ marketing initiatives.

Comprehensive Loyalty and Rewards Offerings:

Archway will offer a comprehensive suite of consumer promotions solutions that enable our clients’ marketing teams to create flexible campaigns in real-time. Archway teams manage every execution stage. From planning and design to receiving forms and ensuring that customers receive their rebate. Prize, reward, or another incentive check. In addition, the company’s proprietary technology solution provides real-time reporting to help clients efficiently manage various campaigns, examine real-time data to spot customer trends and deliver more effective and relevant messages to clients’ customers.

North American Distribution and Fulfillment Capabilities:

Our full-spectrum North American presence provides a full suite of product fulfillment and marketing services. Including inventory management. Transport services. And also state-of-the-art technology, to create efficiencies in corporate marketing budgets.

Expanded Sales, Design, and also Marketing Support Team:

Archway’s expanded sales, design, and marketing teams provide customers with enhanced support services. In addition the company’s in-house creative team collaborates with clients’ design and also marketing groups to deliver innovative. Customized marketing solutions that reflect the client’s brand mission.


Archway marketing services aim not to increase sales but to attract more customers to a company. A restaurant, for example, provides a service. It provides food to customers in both take-out and regular delivery. The restaurant should convince customers that it is more convenient than other restaurants and should be open for business.

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