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Mi Switcher – About, Description, Functions, And More


Mi Switcher –  It will manage your CloudCall Switch. Myswitch. Mx is the control panel for CloudCall switches. From this website, you will be talented at creating extensions, managing users, listening to the recordings of your calls, seeing the Panel of your calls in real-time, and many more options. We’re constantly adding more features to the CloudCall Switch platform, and we’ll email you information to keep you up to date and get the most out of your Cloud Call Switch.


The HD-MI matrix 2.0 4×2 simultaneously streams four HD-MII sources to two HD-MI displays. It combines an HD-MI splitter, switcher, and 4 HD-MI input switching or separation functions on two HD displays. You can display the same or different images on your TV. [Ultra HD 4K @ 60Hz Resolution] Supports up to 4K2K 60Hz YCbCr 4:4 AND HDCP2.2 RESOLUTION (backward compatible) and supports HD-MI V2.0 and HDR. Support 2.0/5.1/ADV/ARC compatible three audio mode options, TV audio, will be returns and output through the optical port; (Note: Only OUT A port supports ARC function) / Supports HD-MI audio separation, which can be connecting via optical fiber and 3.5mm plug at the same time pinhole output.

However It is easy to operate The input can be switched by the infrared remote control switch, and two switch buttons can also control it. (The LED indicator clearly shows the device’s current input source and shows the device’s working status in real-time. The product package is equipped with the latest infrared wireless remote control.)

Functions And Features

Functions And Features

  • Matrix function: Two HD-MI output ports independently select any one of the four HD-MI inputs to achieve different display
  • Distribution function: Map any HD-MI input to two simultaneous outputs of the same HD-MI signal to achieve the same display
  • Support ultra clear 4K*2K@60Hz (YUV444/RGB888), not only 4K*2k@24/25/30Hz;
  • Compatible with HD-MI version: compatible with HD-MI 2.0b, backward compatible with HD-MI 1.0, HD-MI 1.3, HD-MI 1.4
  • Support HDCP version: HDCP2.2 is backward compatible with HDCP1.4;
  • Supports audio: Supports PCM, DTS, AC-3, Dolby Panorama (HD-MI port only supports) and HD audio.
  • Support 3D, please check the EDID switch according to actual needs to select the corresponding 3D video and audio format.
  • Support HDR10/HDR10
  • Support video resolution 480/576/720/1080/4K x 2K at 24/25/30/60Hz;
  • Support 4K60Hz Dolby World;
  • However, ARC support, with an independent ARC switch (OUTA only), effectively returning the TV’s local audio to the matrix audio output.


  • Support four switch HD-MI input or divided into two HD-MI output Input port: 4 × HD-MI
  • Output port: 2 × HD-MI + 1 * SPDIF + 1 * coaxial + 1 * 3, 5mm stereo audio
  • Compliant with HD-MI 2.0b, HDCP2.2, ARC, HDR.
  • Support 3D video format
  • HD-MI resolution: 4KX2K@60Hz/3D/1080P@60Hz/1080i/720p/576p/576i/480p/480i (the highest resolution is up to 4096*2160/60Hz);
  • Support 18G data rate and ripped clock, up to 320Mhz
  • Support video format: 10/12 color depth
  • Support DTS-HD/Dolby-true HD//DTS/Dolby-AC3/DSD audio format
  • Support Stereo audio output and 3.5mm optical output
  • Support 5.1 channel audio
  • Support 5V-12V broad voltage input
  • EDID management makes it compatible with most display devices.
  • Button and LED Description:
  • LED: Input-4 LED indicator is the corresponding input
  • source of OUT 1 or OUT 2. * Button: Key 1 or Key 2 is used to switch the connects input source of OUT 1 or OUT 2.


Dual cooling sinks for better system stability

The material combines a specially treating  metal substrate with nanomaterials, which achieves exceptional thermal radiation. It offers excellent heat absorption and dissipation to reduce chip temperature and improve system stability. An intelligent error alteration algorithm recovers weak signals for more stable and efficient transmission. The 5GHz band supports LDPC (Low-Density Parity Check Code) error correction algorithm to improve anti-interference capabilities during data transmission

Easily Manage The Time Children Apply Online And The Content They Access To Ensure They Are Safe Online

Effectively manage the time your family spends online by setting the time a device can be online and the websites you can access. Whenever, combined with the intelligent speed limit function, However the speed of each access device can be limited to avoid network congestion caused by individual devices.

Receive alerts on your mobile when unauthorized users access your Wi-Fi and block them instantly. When an unknown device uses the Wi-Fi signal without permission, the Mi Wi-Fi app sends a

notification to inform the user that it has been connected to a device. Suppose a suspicious device attempts to connect to the network, depending on the security level. In that case, the device will either be automatically locked or enabled to close with the push of a button.

Internet settings that anyone can manage, And Its simple design integrates easily into any home

Internet settings are so quick, easy, and simple that anyone will understand how to do it. In addition, the router’s body has a discreet geometric design and a durable, non-coated plastic housing that is easy to integrate into home decoration.

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