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C5 After Market Water Pump

What is a water pump for?

C5 After Market Water Pump  – There may be several reasons for adding this tool to your home: it may be due to the lack of an elevated tank, because the passage of time has clogged the pipes or because we live in a building and the water does not reach the upper floors, among other things. . The classification according to their function is as follows:

  • Pump to draw water.
  • Pump to raise water to the tank.
  • Under-tank pressurizing water pump.

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What Are The Functions  Of Water Pump?

C5 After Market Water Pump


Suppose we start from an  Electro pump  and we want to empty a swimming pool. This pump will have a  submersible automatic detection system (float) , the motor pumps do not have this system because they are on the surface. C5 After Market Water Pump  he Electro pump has the ability to warn when there is no more water to move, and it stops automatically. Its operation is easy, the water is sucked into the inlet cylinder of the Water Pump to then be driven by a motor that uses coils and magnets to create a magnetic field and thus make the impeller rotate continuously. Therefore, as the rotor turns, the fluid fed in this way moves the pump.

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Pump Types

  • Types of Motor Pumps for Dirty Water
  • Types of Motor Pumps for Clean Water
  • Types of Pressure Pumps
  • Types of Motor Pumps for Flow

Purpose As An Expert In Water Pumps

The blades push the fluids in a resistant way. There is a great typology of rotors or impellers, which ultimately results in the fluid passing very quickly from the inlet or intake, to its exhaust or outlet.

Our goal is to get the water to enter the center or the eye of the rotor by making the centrifugal force so strong due to the compression of the fluid. What produces a pressure causing the fluid to come out with speed and great flow, this being the final purpose. It’s not just about passing fluid from one side to another, it’s saving time and passing a large amount of fluid. In addition, there are times when that fluid or water is raised from one part to another.

If you want to know more about the operation of a water pump , as well as the parts of a water pump, contact us and request all the information about automatic water pumps, hydraulic pumps, what is impeller, etc. In addition, also learn how the flow affects the operation of the water pump and the fluid of the water pump with our water pump repair course .

Through our online training you will be able to know both the advantages and disadvantages of each type of water pump depending on the use that is going to be given to it.

How Do Water Pumps Work

Currently there are many varieties and brands of this equipment, in addition to its many uses. In other words, if we know and know how it works better, we will be able to find which application is necessary in each case. Throughout this post, we are going to delve into how water pumps work. But, first of all, we must remember what a water pump is.

A water pump is a device that is used to pump water from one place to another, regardless of the fluid. There are Water Pumps that move: Dirty Water, Clean Water, fluids, etc.

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What Are Considered Water Pumps?

We understand then by water pump that device that is used to pump water from one place to another regardless of the fluid. There is a great diversity of water pumps, whether for clean or dirty water, or for wine, milk. Therefore, those that carry out the following activities are considered water pumps:

  • Empty Swimming Pools (Clean Waters)
  • Empty Septic Tanks (Dirty Water)
  • irrigate crops
  • Supply water to a site without access to it, among others

What Can I learn With Water Pump Training?

Now, to better understand the  operation of a Motorized Pump  or the  Operation of an Electropump,  it is better to review what they are made of, what they are made of.

We Can Say In A General Way That A Water Pump Is Composed Of

  • Casing or Frame
  • One Entry and One Exit
  • Impeller, Rotor or Wheels
  • Seals, Retainers and Rings
  • Drive Shaft
  • Bearings or Bearings
  • Control Panel
  • Motor


We understand by water pump as that machine that transforms energy, applying it to move the water. This movement is normally upward. The pumps can be of two types volumetric and turbo-pumps. They all consist of an inlet hole (suction) and another outlet hole (impulsion) . The volumetrics move the water through the periodic variation of a volume. We can find different water pump machines, these types of motorized pumps vary according to their use.

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