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English To Chinese Translation Service – Services, Different Uses, Chinese Language, More

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English To Chinese Translation Service – As the world leader in terms of population and Internet users, China is an attractive market for companies looking to expand their reach. To effectively reach the Chinese market, your marketing material must be translate and local by professionals who understand the intricacies of the Chinese language . Chinese has many “layers”, both in its written and spoken form. Written Chinese is made up of two different formats:  Traditional Chinese and  Simplified Chinese. Please note- Regions that say the same Chinese dialect do not necessarily use the same written form of Chinese.

Different Uses For Chinese Language Translations

Chinese Business Translation & Chinese Website Localization

China is a business powerhouse! But breaking into such a large business environment can be difficult, especially if you’re trying to communicate in a foreign language. Translating your document into Chinese will make the process easier and more efficient. Chinese website localization is like if your headquarters are virtual, your world moves faster! Customize your website for each Chinese market.

Chinese Legal Translation & Certified Chinese Translation

Whether you need to translate personal documents to satisfy USCIS requirements, legal documents, marriage certificates, or any other document, we will solve your Chinese legal documents with great attention to detail and confidentiality. Certified Chinese Translation to be there are Chinese students all over the United States, and to help them in their academic experience, it is necessary to translate educational material, syllabi, diplomas and other certifications.

Chinese Language Data

Chinese Language Data

Contrary to most languages, Chinese verbs do not change according to person, tense or number. There is no gender in the Chinese language. Mandarin is the most widely spoken Chinese dialect, with 836 million native speakers, following  by  Wu and  Cantonese  (Internet World Stats). Attract Chinese customers with the best Spanish-Chinese and English-Chinese translation services. ABC Translations provides linguistically fluent and technically accurate Chinese translation services on time and within budget. We help the world’s leading companies achieve business success in China and worldwide, one accurately translate  document at a time.

Accurate Chinese Translations That Can Be Trust

Are you observing for a professional translation company to explain your valuable documents, websites, software applications, marketing materials, or eLearning content between English and Chinese accurately and quickly? Look no further than ABC Translations. We have one of the primary teams of professional native Chinese translators and Mandarin subject matter experts who are specially trainer to accurately translate highly technical content in the legal, financial, medical, manufacturing, telecommunications and online sales industries. . Professional Chinese translation services must offer linguistic quality while ensuring fast delivery and competitive prices. ABC Translations’ technology-driven translation solutions support translation memory.

Chinese Translation Services For Legal Content

English To Chinese Translation Service – Do you need to translate cross-contracts, tax documents, patents and license agreements into Chinese? Then look no further than ABC Translations, the industry leader in Chinese translation services for all types of legal content. We hire the best bilingual, native and professional translators with special training in international law to translate all your legal documents with quality and speed. Upload your files to ABC Translations to get an instant translation quote. Upon approval, our pre-approve legal translators will immediately translate your documents for the fastest turnaround in the industry.

Difference Between Simplified And Traditional Chinese

Simplified Chinese is the language verbal in mainland China, while Traditional Chinese is using  in Taiwan. As its name suggests, Simplified Chinese is written with characters that have fewer strokes, making it easier to write by hand compares to Traditional Chinese. However, modern writing is mainly done on the computer, so character strokes no longer mean anything for typing speed. If your target viewers are in mainland China, you should choose Simplified Chinese to translate. If your clients reside in Taiwan, you must translate them into Traditional Chinese.

English To Chinese Translation Service- Simplified and Translated Chinese will  be understanding interchangeably by people from Mainland China and Taiwanese. However, each has develop its expressions and dialects, so from a professional point of view, you should always translate your documents separately for distribution in mainland China or Taiwan. Also, Simplified and Traditional Chinese use different encoding standards to represent characters on the computer, with GB for Simplified and Big5 for Traditional. However, modern Unicode already supports both.

Translate To One Version Of Chinese And Then Convert To The Other

The answer is no if you must professionally translate your content for the best linguistic quality and technical accuracy. Although both Simplified and Traditional Chinese will be  understand  interchangeably between Mainland China and Taiwan. Many expressions and terminologies differ. Second, the two Chinese versions are written differently, and you will have to spend time converting from one to the other. After the conversion, you will have to review and adopt the different expressions, as they do not make sense to the target audience once convert.


There are many other document formats. In addition to content translation, our talent multilingual editing team also helps you format.  Translate files so that local documents look professional in business circles in China. Our desktop publishing specialists are experts at Chinese typesetting characters using a variety of fonts.

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