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A Network Engineer – Definition, Description, Responsibility, And More


A Network Engineer  – Together with the technical teams, he develops a strategy to operate the company’s telecommunications infrastructure. A setup engineer (also called a telecommunications engineer) ensures that the company’s telecommunications networks are working properly.

Job Description

We are observing for a Network Engineer to plan, implement, retain and support our increasing network infrastructure. You will be part of a structures engineering team responsible for designing. And developing scalable, maintainable, and highly available network architectures that meet business goals and service level agreements.

This Network Engineer job description is optimized for posting on online job boards or careers pages and is easy to customize for your company. Post now on job boards. You can adjust the duties and responsibilities of the Network Engineer to suit your company’s specific needs for this position. Another similar position is Senior Network Engineer.

Network Engineer Responsibilities

Performance monitoring and ensuring system reliability and availability Configuration and installation of various network services and devices . Perform network maintenance and system updates, including service packs, patches, hotfixes, and security settings. Configure and install several network devices and services (for example, routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, VPNs, or QoS)

Perform network maintenance and system updates, including service packs, patches, hotfixes, and security settings. Monitor performance and ensure system reliability and readiness. Monitor resource usage, trends, and system capacity planning. Offer level 2/3 support and troubleshooting

Work with established Configuration and modify management policies to safeguard awareness, support, and success of ups and downs made to the network infrastructure. Select and device security tools, policies and procedures in coordination with the company’s security team

What Skills Should A Network Engineer Have?

Skills Should A Network Engineer

A network engineer must possess extensive information on network and telecommunications systems (infrastructure, cabling, protocols, administration tools, security, etc.) and a project manager’s interpersonal and organizational skills to coordinate the technical teams. He could also get involved in hiring teams of technicians. A telecommunications engineer must have experience in many fields of specialization. For example, electronics, computer science, transmission techniques, and basic business management concepts.

What Does A Network Engineer Do?

A Network Engineer is a vital element of the IT department since he can fulfil many functions within a company, when it comes to networks. it can be design, installation, maintenance, security, monitoring, updating and technical support to users of the same.

Going into more detail, when we talk about networks, we refer to physical local computer networks (LAN) or wireless (WLAN). And sometimes remote access points to the work network through proxies or other programs of identification and remote access (WAN).

A Network Engineer must design the infrastructure of a network in such a way that it is clean, orderly and functional. with the possibility of having access to the wiring and the routers in case they have to be physically maintained, but at the same time that they are not a work risk or a nuisance for those who are in the work area.

A Network engineer must also know what type of hardware is the most efficient to perform network functions. That the company requires, that is, knowing details such as how many computers can be connected to a router and receive the service optimally, when, where and how to install Wi-Fi frequency repeaters to extend the radius of the router’s wireless signal and also decide.  if more than one network server is necessary and what upload and download capacity the internet service should have to provide a correct supply to users.

What Is The Salary Of A Network Engineer?

A network engineer’s salary can range from €36,000 to €50,000 per year ($41,000 to $65,000 per year), depending on their experience and the size and complexity of the company’s network.

Connectivity and Network Engineering

Upon completion of their studies, the Connectivity and Network Engineer will be able to carry out or control Computer Support and Network . Infrastructure tasks, design connectivity solutions using technological trends, and manage network and telecommunications projects.

You will also be able to manage networks in companies of different sizes, perform communications unification tasks, adapt innovative digital collaboration solutions. Propose solutions for the various transmission media and address the organization’s cybersecurity.

In its formation, Duoc UC promoted the development of comprehensive people, aware of their transcendent dignity. And committed to people and society, integrating ethics, Christian values and the development of the necessary skills for today’s world. It is like this which also enhances the ability to work as a team, solve problems, learn, and constantly update.


Finally, a topic still relatively new, even though it has been present in everyone’s daily life for several years now, is about managing a computing cloud. The concept of “cloud” is nothing more than a storage system for files, programs and information retrieved through the Internet. Rare companies have their own “cloud” since, if they were essential, they would contract a third party’s service. Still, for companies that do have it, it is vitally important to have a Network Engineer capable of maintaining and keeping it safe.

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