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J&R Meat Market – About, Description, Key Features, And More


J&R Meat Market – Naturals meats are offered locally grown, pasture-raised, and handcrafted. Our butcher shops feature a great selection of old-fashioned personal services. Customers can also order boxed meats online. We ship throughout the places. J&R is also a USDA-inspected meat processor Providing an essential service to local growers. We support local agriculture because we believe that pastures–fed meat is better for the environment and a more humane way to raise livestock. Pasture animals also provide healthier and more flavorful meat.

We specialize in grass-fed beef & lamb, pasture-raised pork-free, range poultry, and handcrafted sausages and bacon. Still, we have a wide variety of meats and related products that suit any customer s taste both locations have a selection of spices, sauces, cheese, and other foodstuffs to take your purchase to the next smooth. Our Templeton shop recently began stocking a select variety of local boutique wines to pair with your choice of meat. Our educated staff can provide you with cooking tips and product recommendations if you are unsure of where to start


This is a great meat market for a small town. The beef and pork selection is perfect and includes Prime brisket packers, really nice bone in Rib Eyes, and some mighty acceptable cryo-packed baby backs. I requested a unique 80/20 ground beef selection and purchased excellent tri-tip. The service was top-notch, and one of the butchers came out and discussed my order to ensure everyone was right. To say I’ll be back is an understatement. If you find yourself anywhere near Porterville, stop and see how a real old-fashioned meat market looks and operates.

If you like prime steaks, this is a great place. Their prime cuts are wonderfully marbled and tasty. I especially like the ribeye steaks. The wage cuts are also excellent. Worth the extra money you will pay for both. If your going to eat a steak it may as well be extraordinary.

I haven’t been impressed with their tri-tips. I have purchased several that had a lot of gristle. They replaced one for 50% off, but I didn’t bother to tell them when the second roast was the same. I won’t repurchase them.

Key Features

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction To give our customers the best quality products and services at competitive prices in pleasant and safe conditions
  • Enjoyable Work Environment To provide our associates and employees a safe and enjoyable work environment while providing competitive wage and benefit compensation.
  • Community Projects To provide our associates and employees a safe and enjoyable work environment while providing competitive wage and benefit compensation.

Butcher Counter Staff Are Not All That Friendly, But The Cashiers Are Always Pleasant

They have an excellent selection of deli-type products and a limited supply of vegetables a wonderful blend to make it a one-stop shop. I just stopped to get some organ meats for my dogs’ food. I haven’t been here; subsequently, I was a kid, but I will make this a regular. The shop was spotless inside and out, and everyone was accommodating. The prices were great, and they can get or do just about anything for your orders. I will be future here from now on. I would much rather support this business.

Effects of the trade margin on market balances

Trade margin and development of the livestock/meat market this book is the head part of a study of the assets and strategies for the development of the Cameroonian livestock and meat market. This study is a contribution to the reflection on the strategies to be implemented for the improvement of labor productivity in the livestock sector in general and more particularly the pig sector. It is part of the concern of public and private actors in the search for the major constraint to the development of animal production, with a view to reducing the growing protein deficit in the diets of the poorest. The most important contemporary aspects of livestock and meat marketing are covered, such as the functionalities of distribution systems

J&R Weatherproof Telephone for Food Processing Workshop

J&R’s weatherproof phone has been installed in a Food Dealing Factory in the Netherlands.

Some Food Handing out Factories are in a production environment that requires a lot of water and cleaning soap to clean. Therefore, it required the telephone must be in a high waterproof rate.

J&R IP67 waterproof telephone with a fancy-looking and robust handset meets the requirements for factory applications’ rough and humid surroundings. It brings more suitability for the staff to use and clean the telephone. IP67 means our telephone to be able to safe against ingress of water in hurtful measure shall not be possible when the addition is immersed in water under defined conditions of burden and time (up to 1 m of submersion).

As a reliable supplier of different industrial telephones, J&R offers standard and customized products. Products or ODM & OEM solution to meet customers’ additional project requirements. J&R always welcome any other single potential customer to inquire about our unique individual solutions and systems.

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