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Look at that shine is back Market UK is a scam. I bought five phones to figure it out, and they didn’t, so we’ll go through the orders in just a second, but first, I want to make sure everybody understands that back Market is not a refurbished themselves. They are a Marketplace for refurbishes to list their items and their stock let’s go. So through, let’s go through the first order there. I wanted a phone with a decent camera to film on to replace my real camera. I guess that’s the way Tech’s going. So I hopped on the back Market and spotted the s20 ultra Samsung flagship from 2020, which seemed like the sweet spot of price for specs. The thing meant having a 108-megapixel camera and impressive video recordings for only around 250 pounds.

Back Market UK Discusses Your Journey So Far And Future Plans

Launched in Paris in 2014 by three co-founders, Thibaut Hug de Larousse (CEO), Vianney Vaught (CCO) and Quentin Le Brouster (CTO), Back Market has become a European leader in the refurbished electronics sector. It operates in 16 countries, including the US, France, Germany, UK, Spain and Japan. The company currently employs more than 700 employees in various offices in Bordeaux.

Back Market’s UK Purpose Is To Change The World

for the better by offering a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to new technologies and creating a safe (and trustworthy) online marketplace specializing in selling professionally refurbished electronics. By extending the life of millions of consumer electronics, Back Market says it’s creating low-cost access to high-quality products like refurbished iPhones, refurbished iPads, and refurbished laptops, to name a few.

Back Market’s UK story Began When The Founders Spotted A Disconnect Between Fresh Marketers and Consumers

who didn’t know who to trust. The ecosystem of refurbished vendors in each country is generally significant. The added value of these refurbished devices is often half the price but with a warranty equal to new devices. The founders realized the business potential of creating a secure space that consumers could access. And so Back Market was born. Creating a system that buyers can trust and aligning all the quality standards of refurbished sellers to follow the Back Market rating.

Key points

A notable highlight thus far has been the continued support Back Market has received throughout multiple funding rounds, the latest being the Series E funding raised in January, bringing the company’s value to $5.7 billion. Dollars (and makes it the most valuable unicorn in France).

Co-founder And CEO Thibaut Hug De Larue Said In A Statement:

The support and trust of these funds. Along with our growing client base, marks an essential step in Back Market’s journey and, more importantly, for the circular economy. This support has allowed Back Market to launch the Back Care program, a network of local repair shops that honour Back Market’s warranty: another step in building consumer confidence in refurbished vendors and combining the convenience of buying a new device. As a result, the company has also avoided the process’s emission of 400,000 tons of CO2.


Meanwhile, the biggest challenge has always remained related to building consumer confidence in new technology: altering consumer behaviour to make new technology their first choice for electronic purchases. A company spokesperson told RTIH, “Historically, there’s been a negative stigma attached to used products: that the consumer is left alone if their used product fails, as compensation for buying it cheap in the first place.”

[However. Back Market bridges this gap by offering a minimum one-year warranty and a 30-day return policy to assure new customers that there is no risk in going for refurbished].

[USA The US. Compared to Europe, big players like Apple spend millions on advertising to convince people to buy the latest devices, which makes older phones look outdated and undesirable].

[To combat this. Back Market found that emphasizing deals helps resonate with US consumers and the UK as it enters a recessionary period. The environmental aspect has also been a powerful incentive, of course].


In terms of the best Back Market question recently asked by an investor and client, that would be: In the eight years of the company’s existence,

What Has Remained The Hardest Part Of This Journey So Far?

The answer is HR. If you are successful, it is because you have a great team, said the company spokesperson. It’s a lot of work to scale a company, and we’re struggling to bring in the best talent, so hiring is always a challenge while also getting the culture right, retaining talent. And also then getting everyone to work together more. Efficiently, etc.

They added: The more you scale. The more you have to reorganize and adapt your work and processes to your size. So there are some thresholds. For example, at 30 people, the culture can no longer be informal, then at 100, at 250 people, the culture has to evolve, and the way of working has to grow.

About Back Market UK

Back Market remains the online refurbished marketplace that gives customers access to 1000’s of the best, quality-assured smartphones, laptops, tablets, game consoles, gadgets, smart Tech, appliances, and a whole lot more at massively reduced prices. All products are verified and renovated to our strictest quality standards and come with free delivery, 30-day returns, devoted customer service and 12 months minimum warranty, ensuring you get a creation that works like new but costs up to 70% less than buying a new.

Back Market UK Is A Company That Recycles Old Phones And Sells Them At A Pretty Good Price

with a year-long warranty. Now, this is a pretty sweet deal because year-long promises do not come with any used phones that you usually buy unless you purchase something extra. But this is something you get for free which is a massive thing for the back Market and is still pretty new. Still, I decided to buy an iPhone through them because I saw a lot of good reviews. Still, after my experience with them, I thought I needed to make a video discussing my problems. The period it took me to get my phone this video has a lot of parts because I went through five phones and waited for upwards of a month to get a working phone, mind you. Not that most of my work is from a phone so that it was all pretty stressful.


They seem legit, so let’s rewind to the first phone I got from them. All right, so this is what my box looks like. Yours may look a little different because there are other sellers in the back Market UK. So just because you order the same phone doesn’t mean you’ll have the same seller. They may package it. Differently, they may give you more accessories they may not, so let’s go ahead and open up this one. Okay, so when we open it, we have the phone and the red one, which I ordered so well.

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