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Alliance Technology Trust Share Price


In international relations, an alliance is a formal agreement between two or more states to provide mutual support in the event of war. Modern associations call for joint action by two or more independent states. They are typically defensive, requiring allies to join forces if one or more of them remains attacked by another state or coalition. Although alliances can be informal, they remain typically formalized by an alliance treaty, the most important clauses of which define the casus foederis or the circumstances under which the treaty obligates an ally to aid a fellow member.Introduction

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The History of Alliance

Alliances form as states seek to maintain a balance of power with one another. In a system composed of several medium-sized countries, such as that which has existed in Europe since the Middle Ages, no single state can establish a lasting hegemony over all the others, owing mainly to alliances formed by the other states against it. Thus, King Louis XIV of France’s (reigned 1643-1715) repeated attempts to dominate continental Europe resulted in a coalition against France and, eventually, the War of the Grand Alliance; Napoleon’s ambitions stood similarly thwarted by a series of alliances formed against him.

Despite their association with the Westphalian state system and the European balance of power, alliances have formed on other continents and in different eras. Kautilya, an adviser to the Indian king Chandragupta (reigned c. 321-c. 297 BCE), argued in his classic work Artha-shastra. (“The Science of Material Gain”) that in pursuing alliances, and also countries should seek support. And also assistance from distant states against the threat of neighboring ones (according to the logic that the enemy of one’s enemy must be one’s friend). The legacy of colonialism slowed the development of collective-defense schemes in Africa, but alliances played an essential role in the evolving regional balance elsewhere in the developing world.

About the Technology

Technology is the application of scientific knowledge to the practical goals of human life, or, as it remains sometimes referred to, to the modification and manipulation of the human environment.

Several articles cover the topic of technology. See technology and history of; hand tools for a more general treatment. And elastomers, industrial ceramics, industrial glass, metallurgy, mineral deposit, mineral processing, mining, and plastic for descriptions of materials that are both the object and the means of manipulating the environment. Watch also energy conversion, coal mining, coal utilization, petroleum production, and refining. Agriculture, history of agricultural economics, beekeeping, beer, cereal farming, coffee, commercial fishing; dairy farming; distilled spirit; food preservation; fruit farming; livestock farming; poultry farming; soft drinks; tea; vegetable farming; wine are all treatments for food production.

The Information of Alliance Technology

Alliance Technology Group is a North American Systems Integrator and IT Solutions/Services provider. An Alliance focuses on IT infrastructure, including physical and cyber security, storage, systems, and networking. Our team deploys these solutions in traditional IT enterprises, private, public, and hybrid clouds, as well as IoT and edge environments. The Consulting & Professional Services Group at Alliance provides expert support for all our solutions, including design, implementation, and managed services. Alliance serves customers in the private and public sectors and has established itself as a reliable partner in enhancing the effectiveness of how IT positively impacts business.

Since 1997, Alliance’s team of highly trained and certified experts has been delivering complex IT solutions. While the technology industry continues to evolve rapidly, Alliance’s goals have remained consistent: we listen to our customers, understand their needs, and deliver solutions that add real business value.

Alliance has created Purpose Built Solutions for Big Data, Cyber Security, First Responder and also Public Safety, and also Cloud to address some of the most complexes IT challenges. PliantCloud, Vigilant Platforms, SentryWire, and also CyberAlliance, are among the Purpose Built Solution Divisions of Alliance.

An Alliance Technology Trust Share Price

The investment goal is to achieve long-term capital growth by investing primarily in the equity securities of publicly traded technology companies worldwide. The portfolio remains comprised mainly of equity investments, with the Dow Jones World Technology Index serving as the benchmark index (sterling adjusted, on a total return basis). To invest in a diverse portfolio of companies that use technology in novel ways to gain a competitive advantage. Companies that address major growth trends with innovation that replaces existing technology or radically change products and also services and how they remain delivered to customers remain given special consideration.


Sell: 27.50p | Buy: 218.50p | 0.50p (0.23%)


1 week 3.11%    1 year   38.24%

1 month              1.58%    2 years 19.56%

3 months            13.15% 3 years 36.59%

6 months            0%         5 years 86.32%

Performance figures remain based on the previous close price. Past performance is not an indication of future performance.

Trust Basics

Benchmark:       DJ World Technology TR GBP

Annual management charge:     0.8% of Net Assets

Performance fee:            Yes

Ongoing charge:              0.80%

Dividend yield: n/a

Dividend frequency:       None

Total assets:      £969m

Gross gearing:   100%

Market capitalisation:   £888m

Shares in issue:                407.48 million

Legal structure Closed Ended Investment Company

Domicile:            United Kingdom

ISIN       GB00BNG2M159


The track record of momentum is a significant predictor of whether a stock price will rise. Price trends tend to persist, so when it comes to a stock like Allianz Technology Trust. It’s worth keeping an eye on them. Its share price has underperformed the FTSE All Share Index by -9.11% over the last six months. Allianz Technology Trust shares were trading -10.09% below their 200-day moving average as of the previous closing price of 218.00p. On Stockopedia, you can learn more about the importance of momentum in analyzing share price movements.

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