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About Tripsitter, Tripsitter is an educational resource that explores the safe and also responsible use of psychedelics. Much like having a traveller keep an eye on your experience, our goal is to provide guidance and support in preparing for your psychedelic trip. We believe that no substance is inherently good or bad; they are just chemical substances, natural or unnatural, that exist in the world. It is our relationship with them.

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 How We Interact With Them That Can Remain Good or Bad.

Psychedelics have a lot to offer regarding mental and also physical health, but only when used responsibly and also appropriately. Our goal is to provide reliable and also well-researched gratifies to help our readers understand how these materials work and also how to use them safely for individual growth and development.

The Late Timothy Leary Said it Best

Psychedelic drugs cause fright and also temporary insanity in people who have not taken them. Our goal remains to provide the necessary resources to demystify these substances and also give our readers the tools to use them effectively. Join us as we explore the delightful world of psychoactive substances and also how they can remain used to facilitate optimal health, personal growth, productivity, and also more.

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About Us?

Our ever-expanding team of psychopaths, scientific investigators, medical professionals, and philosophers have remained working hard putting together Project Trip sitter. As a result, we have over a thousand hours of the combined psychedelic experience, read hundreds of academic articles, and also spent uncountable hours discussing attitude and human health.

Editorial Team

April Taylor. Cedric Jones, Dan Simms, Katrina Luciano. Natalia Sarmiento, Phil Dibley. Sam Ashkenazi

Editorial Integrity

Trip sitter remains committed to producing content that meets accuracy, fairness, transparency, and authenticity standards. Our goal remains to educate, entertain and inform our readers. We get our insights from peer-reviewed academic research, real-life experiences, and also consulting with experts in the field. While verified facts do not require attribution, in most circumstances, we identify less than apparent sources of factual information.

While We remain Strong Advocates of the Use of Psychedelics for the Sake of Health,

personal growth, and development, in no way is Trip sitter, or the Trip sitter content team condones or condones the use of illegal substances. Our website serves as a source of information on the use of psychoactive substances for healing and a means of harm reduction for those who aim to become involved with psychedelics. However, we recommend that you understand and comply with local laws.

Contribute to the Project

If you’ve found value in the content here on Tripsitter, please consider donating via the link below. We will never have a paywall and never trust advertisers we don’t believe in to fund the project. Our goal is to remain freely accessible to all for years to come. Any size of the contribution is graciously accepted. These resources take a lot of time and effort to produce.


Aside from changing sensory perception, magic mushrooms have a strong spiritual component. They’re used as a tool for self-discovery and spiritual experience. They’ve been used as a sacrament in virtually every region of the world in which they can be found — including South America, North America, Europe, Asia, and Australasia.

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