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Deco Pic App , What Is Deco Pic App?

What Is Deco Peak App

Deco Pic App , So this is the app you can get on the galaxy store in Samsung, so this app adds different stickers in the forms of masks, gif stamps, and frames to your photos, so that’s basically, it’s not in the google play store. It’s just on Samsung Galaxy phones. It says that deco peak makes photos and videos fun with live stickers. So when a sticker effect remains applied to a preview image, tap to take a picture or press and hold to record a video experience various live.

What is Deco Pic Samsung App?

Stickers with your networks and share the joyful moments. So as said, there are gifts

masks frames, stamps deco can be updated when the software of your device is up to date, and then you need to give the permissions such as camera story space and audio, and that’s it, but some people are just reporting that this app appeared from nowhere on under  Samsung phones and as I say it’s

like this app is mysteriously installed.

What Is Deco Pic On Android & Can You Delete It?

Samsung’s latest update installed an app called ‘Deco Pic’ that many users report as bloatware. Timely updates have never been Samsung’s forte, but things have changed recently as the company has been a bit more proactive with its smartphone upgrade schedule. Unfortunately, while most updates bring new features, functionality, and bug fixes, the latest seems to have a new app that few are happy with.

PUAs Are A Problem Across The Entire Android Ecosystem,

Not just on Samsung devices. This is the reason why many Android users prefer Google Pixel phones because they offer a pure and seamless Android experience. However, the Deco Pic app, in particular, is an unnecessary add-on from Samsung. Even more alarming is the number of permissions it asks for, most of which remain not required by apps in its category.

How To Take Screenshots On The Galaxy S 21 FE [5 easy ways]

Deco Pic is Samsung’s in-house photo and video editing app that offers various features, including live stickers, skins, and more. However, many complain that the app requires different permissions that photo editing apps shouldn’t need. The app’s listing page on the Galaxy Store also admits that it requires phone permission, location permission, and microphone permission, none of which are standard for photo-editing apps. It also involves storage and camera permissions, which are to remain expected from video editing apps.

Uninstall Deco Pic

Night Photography Teaser with Samsung Logo and Galaxy Silhouette

Some of the Deco Pic app’s features, like stickers and skins, were already available as part of the default camera app on Samsung phones. Still, the company has now created a separate app in the belief that it would make the features easier. To access users. However, not many people are on board with the new app, and in a Reddit thread, many say the change left them confused about whether it’s malware that somehow made its way onto their device. Fortunately, it is not malware in the true sense of the term, but since it is an unwanted application for most users, it could undoubtedly remain classified as bloatware.

Many Users Have Been Posting About Difficulties In Uninstalling Deco Pic From Their Devices.

While some claim that they have been able to uninstall the app in developer mode successfully, others say that they have been able to disable it on their devices but not uninstall it. One Redditor claimed they could uninstall it using the system app manager on their device, though that cannot remain confirmed now. Still, it’s worth a try, so users who want to give it a try can go to ‘Settings’, select ‘Applications’, search for ‘Deco Pic’, then hit the three-dot menu button in the top right corner and select ‘Uninstall updates.’ This will reportedly uninstall new updates to the Deco Pic app on Samsung devices.

DECO PIC is simply a set of creative tools available for Galaxy users to create funny and silly images they can post on social media. It started as an additional mode for the Camera app, but many customers were unaware of its existence. So add a shortcut to your screen to promote the creative tools and help you make funny photos and videos with live stickers, skins and frames.

What is DECO PIC?

DECO PIC requires some consent as part of the service to customers:

  • Camera: To give a graphic result to photos or videos.
  • Audio: To record sound when recording video.
  • Storage space: To save the recorded images.
  • You will remain prompted to Allow those permissions the first time you use the app.

How To Disable DECO PIC Click to Collapse

Note: We do not recommend disabling the DECO PIC feature as it remains part of the Camera app. But it remains possible to disable the app and its features and remove the shortcut if you wish.


Locate the application on the screen of your phone. Then, touch and hold the shortcut until an additional menu appears.


Tap Disable.

Press Disable


Tap Disable again (at the bottom of the screen) to confirm your decision.

Tap Disable again (at the bottom of the screen) to confirm your decision.


The app will be disabled, and the shortcut will disappear from any phone screen.

Note: If you change your mind, go to Settings and tap Apps. Navigate and select DECO PIC. Touch Enable to recover the app. The app shortcut will also remain added back to your pho


has anyone else got an app called deco peak installed on their phone out

nowhere today can it remain uninstalled, only disabled, so yeah, something like that, so at least maybe you can go to uh system app manager, and it had the option to uninstall the updates, so I hope that would be helpful, but overall this is just an app overview it’s not on iPhone it’s not on google pixel or some other android phones is just on Samsung galaxy as I understand.

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