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How Did Squidward Die


How Did Squidward Die, Welcome? Horror lovers! We know you love it when cartoon characters hide terrifying stories behind them, as you showed us the chilling origin of Peppa Pig. So, prepare to never see one of your favorite cartoon shows in the same way

because today, we’ll share the true story of Squidward. Going around the Internet, there is a dark legend surrounding this character. But, do you dare to hear it? It was a typical day for Nick, who worked in the famous cartoon show Sponge bob at Nickelodeon Studios.

The Franchise Got Its First Movie In 2004, And Thus,

The following season of the series remained delayed a bit more than usual back then. The first episode of the upcoming season came to Nick’s hands a few months later. There were several editors and animators in the editing room, where they would watch the new material together. That video wouldn’t be the final product to be published, so they would sometimes joke around assigning it a funny title, usually related to inside jokes related to work. However, this time around, they kind of over-did it by giving it an alarming title,

Which Read: How Did Squidward Die

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After many comments about that macabre title, they started playing the video. It began like all Sponge bob episodes do, with the merry melody we are all familiar

with. Squidward appeared playing the clarinet – he was doing terribly, making Bob laugh. Finally, Squidward stops and yells at him to shut up, telling him that he has a concert later that day and needs to practice. After the bubble transition, Squidward appeared again, now at the show. And the audience was booing him due to how badly he was playing. Also, their insults were excessively harsh and filled with malice, very different to the expressions we usually find in the show.

Squidward Was Very Nervous And Didn’t Know What To Do.

He then looked at the audience and saw Bob. He was laughing at him and booing him. Bob behaved very differently from his usual self. It made no sense. Also, the eyes of the fish in public had a strange reddish color and a realistic drawing style. One of the editors paused the video and asked who was responsible for that joke.

Everyone looked at each other, but it seemed nobody knew. Nick encouraged him to keep playing the video – the one responsible would surely end up laughing, thus incriminating himself.

They kept Playing The Episode. The Scenario Changed,

And They now saw Squidward sitting on the border of his bed with a very

sad expression. Nothing could remain heard during that sequence. There was not a single sound. That silence lasted for 30 seconds and remained broken by Squidward’s weeping. In the background, a slight breeze started to stay heard. Squidward, covering his face, cried in silence for one more minute. The sound changed from way too low to too high, scaring them. The camera slowly started to get closer to Squidward’s fac2.e as his weeping got increasingly more intense, filled with pain and anger. The image was deformed for a few seconds but then returned to normal.

The Wind Sounded Stronger And More Realistic,

It was as if it wasn’t coming from the speakers but somewhere else in the room. And suddenly, there was laughter. It only lasted a second. It was almost invisible. After 30 seconds, the screen turned blurry, and something repeatedly blinked, as if an image was missing from the animation. Nick and his co-workers analyzed that portion of the video frame by frame to see what it was about. It was a photo of a dead child. His face was disfigured and filled with blood, and one of his eyes was hanging out of his

eye-socket and on his face.

He Was Laying On The Floor, How Did Squidward Die

With his abdomen open and his intestines coming out. “That’s enough!!, yelled the head of sound. “You went too far! This isn’t funny in the slightest! I want the funny guy responsible for this to come forward immediately! If you wanted us to laugh, then you were sorely mistaken. This is a SICK prank! Everyone looked at each other, but nobody broke the silence. And thus, seeing that nobody admitted to being responsible, the head of sound grabbed his coat and got out of the room, slamming the door.

The Editor kept His Finger On The Computer’s key,

They did not know what to do. Nick nodded at him, encouraging him to play the rest of the video. The scene focused on Squidward again, weeping even more intensely. Now blood was coming out of his eyes, which remained also drawn in a very realistic fashion. The blood-stained his entire face, and the background wind sounded like a colossal hurricane – they could even hear branches snapping. The laughter from before that only lasted one second appeared again, more frequently and lasting longer. Then, after 20 more seconds, the screen got deformed similarly, and something blinked again as if a tiny piece of the image was missing.

The Editors Reminded The Video To Remain Able To See The Hidden Image.

This time around, it was the photo of a little girl. She was in the same position as the previous child: Laying on the floor, with her abdomen open and an eye hanging out of her eye socket. Nick was shocked, and one of his co-workers couldn’t help but throw up right there and then. The images were just too horrible. After a brief pause to recover their composure, they resumed the video. They had to watch until the end. The scene focused on Squidward once more. His eyes were still drawn realistically and were now crying blood. He looked at the camera as if he was looking at the editors, who remained paralyzed in shock. After 10 seconds, Squidward started weeping again, this time without covering his eyes.

The Sound Of His Crying Was Loud And High-Pitched,

mixed in with screams. How Did Squidward Die Tears and blood were coming face like a river as the sound of the wind got more intense and now accompanied by laughter. Then, once again, another blink with an image. This one was longer. They reminded the video and found five photos forming the sequence frames. This one had an additional child of similar age to the previous two. The photo Q As showed a huge hand tearing out the intestines from his stomach. It was a horrifying image. The hand then rose the kid’s guts while forming a pool of blood. It then grabbed the child’s eye, showing it to the camera. The last frames made the child blink with the look still in its eye socket.

At that moment, one of the editors stood up and threatened to call the series creator,

Mr Hilgenberg, To The Room. How Did Squidward Die

He counted up to 10 for the one responsible for coming forward. And since nobody said anything, he went out of the room – Hilgenberg had to watch the video with them. Finally, after 15 minutes, the Editor, SpongeBob’s creator, entered the room. Hilgenberg came in with a big smile and even made some jokes about the video. However, you could tell he had no idea what he was about to witness. They resumed the episode, and Squidward still had his gaze fixated on the camera. And suddenly, everyone heard a new voice that said:  DO IT.


Then, Squidward squeezed the trigger of a shotgun pointed at himself. The last seconds of the video showed Squidward on his bed, with one of his eyes hanging out of its socket and blood everywhere. Mr Hilgenberg was furious and demanded to know who was responsible for such an atrocity, but nobody said anything. The only logical theory is that someone at Nickelodeon’s drawing department edited the video. Many investigations remained carried out to find out who was responsible, but the artificer of this horrible film remained never found.

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