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Silicone Phone Case Write For Us – Guest post, Contribute, and Submit Post

Silicone Phone Case Write For Us


Silicone Phone Case Write For Us  – Silicone cases are generally less costly than aluminum or leather ones, but they still protect your phone from scratches and bumps। Silicone cases also give you a better grip on your phone and make it easy to put it on and off।

What is the disadvantage of silicone phone cases?

The disadvantage of silicone phone cases is that they can be slippery and feel less comfortable in the hand. In addition, they tend to yellow or discolor over time, affecting their visual impression. Another disadvantage of silicone cases is their environmental impact. Silicone is a synthetic material that is difficult to biodegrade, thus polluting the environment.

Is silicone cases better than plastic?

For essential protection, use a case made of a material that absorbs shocks, such as rubber or silicone, to cover your phone’s sensitive corners। Shoman says smartphone owners should not use plastic cases because these cases don’t absorb shocks well and will more likely transfer the shock to the device itself।

Is a silicone case better than leather?

Yes, Leather cases are better than silicone cases, which get sticky and get stains after a while. Leather absorbs sweat and moisture from the palms and the outside daily, so it never gets sticky, even in summer।

Are silicone cases hard to clean?

Rubber and silicone are more delicate than plastic, so use an insignificant cleaning solution. But that also means you might not be able to get all the dirt out in one try. In any case, start using a dish soap solution, and if stains and yellowing continue, try baking soda after.

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