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Unlike Other Portable Monitors

Phone Pad, that only work with specific phone models, like Samsung De X phones, Phone Pad is universally compatible with ALL smartphones, including iPhones. All you need is just your phone and charging cable, no Wi Fi, and no other smartphone streaming devices required. Phone Pad also works with other HDMI-enabled devices, including laptops, game consoles, and SLR cameras, giving you a more comprehensive view for work or play.

Your Smartphone is an Extremely Powerful Computer

Imagine what you could do with your phone if you remained limited by screen size. Programs like PowerPoint can run on a phone, but it’s impossible to work efficiently with the small screen and on-screen keyboard. Phone Pad unleashes your smartphone’s productivity so that you can do more with it. Phone Pad lets you work with your phone like a laptop (add a keyboard and mouse).

According to a Microsoft Study,

using an additional monitor can increase productivity by up to 50%, saving up to 2.7 hours a day, 13 hours a week, or 29 full days a year! When you’re not at work, you can also pair your Phone Pad with game consoles like Nintendo Switch, PS4, or Xbox to play your favorite games at home or anywhere life takes you

Our Reverse Control Technology

lets you control your phone’s game on the 15.6″ touch screen. So when playing TFT, you can focus on tactics, not deploying champions in small cells. Our technology also powers your game with a controller/keyboard+ mouse. So you can dominate the Co D battlefield with more precise control and faster actions. Phone Pad is not an emulator, so you don’t have to worry about getting banned. Our AI algorithm learns how your fingers control your phone and simulate the same (it’s like virtual fingers floating on your phone’s touch screen). Our engineers have tested thousands of games, including Co D, PUBG, and Fortnite. No testers have remained banned so far.

This is not our first Kickstarter Campaign.

We successfully mailed over 2,000 phone books to our sponsors in over 70 countries worldwide. We are delighted to see these sponsors using and enjoying their phone books today. You may have seen other portable monitors claim to be “universally compatible.” They didn’t tell you they require additional streaming devices like Chromecast and WiFi to work with most phones. Even with a Chromecast, the touchscreen feature of other portable monitors won’t work with your phone, meaning you can see the content,

But you Can’t Control it.

You buy a new phone every 1-2 years, but you rarely upgrade your tablet or computer that often. Instead, our ESM technology enables “reverse control” of your phone from the large touch screen or a keyboard/mouse/game controller. You can tap, draw, or write notes on the 15.6″ multi-touch screen, just like on an iPad/tablet. Since upgrading your phone also boosts Phone Pad’s CPU, you now get a new tablet for each phone grade.


The word is a combination of ‘phone’ and ‘tablet’ to mean a phone that is so large it resembles a tablet. Phablets, then, aren’t actually tablets in the traditional sense but more of a fun name for oversized smartphones.
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