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Onion Skin Paper  -What Is An Onion Skin?, Animation Desk, Uses Of Onion Skin And More

What Is An Onion Skin?

Onion Skin Paper – Onion skinning is a 2D animation technique. In making traditional animations, artists use fragile paper that they place over light sources. Thus, artists can see through the frames and compare keyframes and in-betweens.

The Onion Skin at the Animation Desk

Enable Onion Skin & Turn the onion skin on and off as you draw

Expand the settings menu and activate the last tab. You can access the Onion Skin mode by pressing the toggle button. Turn the onion skin on and off as you draw; a Spotlight button on the toolbar is hanging to the left. When the bulb is orange, the Onion Skin effect is visible. If the bulb is grey, the light box is off, and the Onion Skin effect will not be visual.

Color Coded Onion Skin

Color Coded Onion Skin distinguishes the previous frame from the next with colours. The green lines represent the drawing during the last frame. The red line denotes the drawing in the next frame.

The Dried Skin Of The Onion Can Be Used

Every year more than half a million tons of onion waste is thrown away in the European Union, but according to scientists, it could be used as food ingredients. The brown skin and outer layers are rich in fibre and flavonoids, and the discarded bulbs contain sulfur compounds and fructans. They are all beneficial substances for health.

The production of onion waste has increased in recent years with the growing demand for these bulbs. More than 500,000 tons of trash are generated annually in the EU, especially in Spain, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, which has become an environmental problem. The remains include dry brown skin, outer layers, roots and stems, as well as onions that do not reach market size and those that have been damaged.

“A solution could be to use onion waste as a natural source of ingredients with a high functional value since this vegetable is rich in compounds that provide benefits for human health”,

What Are The Uses of Onion Skin?

What Are The Uses of Onion Skin_

Uses of Onion Skin

Did you know that it is possible to use the skin of onions, instead of throwing it in the trash? It sounds unbelievable, but it’s true. Europe throws more than 500,000 tons of onion waste every year. Such a waste ! Instead of throwing them away, they can be reused.

Use Onion Skin In Soup

The skin is as nutritious as the bulb of the onion. It contains fibre and phenolic compounds that help prevent coronary heart disease.

Use Onion Skin For Cramps

Do you have leg cramps? The skin of onions might help you. The recipe: boil the onion skins in water for 10 to 20 minutes to make an infusion—strain to remove the skins from the water and drink the water as tea before going to bed. Allow 1 to 2 weeks for the full effect to be felt.

Use Onion Skin In The Compost Heap & Skin As Hair Dye

Stop throwing onion skins in the trash. Instead, put them directly in the compost bin.Use onion skin as hair dye. Here is the recipe for beautiful copper highlights for those with dark hair: Pour 1 litre of cold spring (or demineralised) water over four handfuls of onion skins. Get to a boil, then let boil for 5 minutes. Protection and leave to infuse off the heat until excellent filter and use in rinsing water, to be renewed regularly.

Use Onion Skin In Wheat Flour

According to an American scientific study, dried and crushed onion skin as a replacement for flour up to 1 to 5% increases the antioxidant content in bread! Worth a try, right? Bonus tip: If you like trying out these uses for onion skin, grab some when shopping for onions at the supermarket. There are always many lying around at the back of the display 😉 And if you want to remove pesticides from onions, we recommend this

Importance of Skin Onion

According to the study, brown skin could be used as a functional ingredient rich in dietary fibre (mainly the insoluble type) and phenolic compounds, such as quercetin and other flavonoids (plant metabolites with therapeutic properties). The two outer ample layers of the onion also enclose fibre and flavonoids.

“Fiber consumption decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal ailments, colon cancer, type 2 diabetes and obesity,” recalls the researcher.

For their part, phenolic compounds help prevent coronary heart disease and have anticancer activities. The high content of these compounds in the dry skin and the outer layers of the bulbs also give them a high antioxidant capacity.


Onion Skin Paper “The results indicate that it would be interesting to separate the different parts of the onion that are generated during its industrial processing,” says Benítez, “and thus they could be used as a source of fun. It has identified the substances and possible uses of each part of the onion in the laboratory. The results are available in the journal Plant Foods for Human Nutrition.

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