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Entry-Level Freelance Writers


Entry-Level Freelance Writers  – In this section, you have to clearly and unequivocally establish who you are and your goals and objectives. It may seem silly to you, but if you don’t define it from the beginning, it’s straightforward for you to stumble from one place to another

The “independent” attribute applied to art was used for the first time in the 19th century to designate an alternative fair open to all tendencies. Later, they created the Society of Independent Artists to take charge of the contest, which gradually became institutionalized and rejected the avant-garde movements that came after, first Impressionism and then the others.

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Analysis Of The Environment.

In this section, you have to study your environment to know how the market in which you will place your product behaves, in this case, publish your books. This analysis takes in, but is not limited to, the following points:

  • Know the behaviour of the electronic book market (available platforms, usual practices, royalty system, etc.).
  • Know the behaviour of the paper book market (operation of traditional publishers, contracts and legal issues, royalties, distribution, etc.).
  • Know the self-publishing process of a book (cover design, synopsis writing, electronic book layout, book publication, paper book publication, etc.).
  • Basic economics (pricing strategy for your books, knowing at what point a book generates profits for you, knowing when to invest in the production of your book, knowing when to invest in marketing, etc.).

Strategies Plus Actions

Entry-Level Freelance Writers



Entry-Level Freelance Writers this is where you have to set strategies and actions. Strategies are the general guidelines that lead you towards your goals and objectives, and measures are the specific tasks you perform for the same purpose. The strategies are available, the actions are concrete, and the sum of the two will take you to your goal.

Again I refer you to this entry in which I talked about my strategies. Here, I will limit myself to putting them in writing.

  • I will constantly learn about the art of storytelling.
  • I will develop and improve my writing craft.
  • I will adopt a strong and professional work ethic.

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In this division, you must write down all your expenses and income to clarify whether you are in the red or black in your career. I think I’ve said it before, but a good trick to control the finances of your writing career is to open a separate bank account to use it for everything you need in your career.

I have done it this way since 2014, which has been very practical. Thanks to the income from my books, I pay the web and hosting expenses of all my websites, I spend the Patreon of two of my principal authors, and I have bought all kinds of computer tools, such as Crackerbox. Oh, and I forgot the most significant thing: all the books, I believe, for my Kindle are paid for from that account.


Entry-Level Freelance Writers – As a freelance writer, you may tend to do everything yourself. I do it, but I know I can only do it to a certain point. As soon as your career takes off, it will stop being a one-person show, and you will start needing a team.

  • Someone in charge of the covers.
  • Someone in charge of correction.
  • Someone in charge of the synopsis.
  • Someone in charge of creating the electronic book and uploading it to the different stores.
  • Someone in charge of creating the book on paper and uploading it to the different platforms.
  • Someone who takes care of marketing, social networks and your website.

The list can be endless because you may need someone to do it for you for every task other than writing your book. When you can afford it, of course, but if you succeed, the time will come when you can. So be aware of this and when you analyze the environment, keep an eye on finding professionals who can help you. And do not forget to consider the money you pay them in the finance section.


Entry-Level Freelance Writers – Examine each of these headings, using my case as an example. In other words, I will reveal my business plan to you since I’m not afraid you will copy me. You wouldn’t gain anything by doing it, after all. You can pass them clean to the computer or keep them that way, and the fact is that you already have a business plan to help you achieve your goals.

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