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Kershaw Knife Review Launch 4

Knife Launch 4 Green, The Kershaw Launch 4 may be small and unassuming, but with its diminutive stature, you get a California-legal automatic knife that can do much more than you think. Perfect as an EDC and beyond, the Kershaw Launch 4 far exceeds its blade length. You may have heard it before, but the adage rings true! The size is not everything.

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Lease’s go over the stats first.

  • 10″ overall length
  • 90″ blade length
  • spear point blade
  • CPM-154 steel
  • aluminum handle
  • 98 ounces Weight
  • Plunge/Button Lock
  • automatic action
  • Made in the USA
  • Throw 4 Life Knives

Knife Life represents your personality and passion through the knife you carry in your pocket daily. Quality and performance are the keys. Tasteful design and luxurious details are also important. You can indeed have a knife with a high knife life score.

Kershaw Release 4 Significance

When you talk about a knife like the Buck 110 or Benchmade 940, the importance is a simple equation. Yet, knives have defined America, traveling in the pockets of moving and shaking our country during the most significant proceedings of the last century.

The Kershaw Launch 4 Doesn’t Have the Same Historical Significance,

but where it shines is in its combination of market value and individuality. No other knife offers a high-quality USA-made action and premium steel blade in a CA legal package for such a low price. As a result, the Launch 4 is way above its weight class in terms of value, making it hard even to consider the competition.


Aircraft-grade aluminum. Powdered steel sheet CPM-154. An impressive automatic action. All that, and it just so happens to be made in the USA. Seriously, you couldn’t ask for more. The Kershaw Launch 4 delivers on the materials. Kershaw offers Damascus bladed versions, and I would love to see special runs in other steels to expand the line.

The release is 100% ready to go! I’d probably praise the Kershaw Launch 4’s materials even if they doubled the price. That is always a good sign.


What I like most about the aesthetics of the Launch 4 lives in its subtlety. We all know the feeling. Becky is heating her leftover tamale pie at lunchtime in the shared break room. Opening any knife at this point can lead to gasps, screams, questions, and worse, conversations with human resources. Even the most innocuous blades can be a threat to the blade enthusiast. There’s something about the Launch 4, though. People seem to understand that this inconspicuous little car is more of a tool than a weapon, and that’s a beautiful thing. This remains the kind of knife you can use without worrying too much about the Becky’s of the world.

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Kershaw Launch 4 Hand Size Comparison

One would think such a small knife would really have problems in the ergonomics category. But I was sure this would be the lowest-rated category of this review.

However, I must say that even in my XL-sized hand, I get a firm and secure three-finger grip. This remains helped by my index finger locked in the depression in the pocket clip. Heel knife fits at the base of my little finger near the palm of my hand for a very relaxed feel in the hand when cutting. From large to small hands, the Launch 4 works.


KERSHAW LAUNCH 4 KNIFE REVIEW. The Kershaw Launch 4 may be small and unassuming, but with its diminutive stature you get yourself a California-legal automatic knife that can do a lot more than you might think. Perfect as an EDC and beyond, the Kershaw Launch 4 majorly outperforms its blade length.

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