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Hairstyle Protectors – What is it? Features, Tips For Use, More

What Are Protector Of Hairstyles?

Hairstyle Protectors  – On Protection Davines Hair Protector Concentrate for Technical Services, Hair care is not limit to using specific products to preserve the honesty of your hair. At the most superficial level, maintaining the health of your hair starts with styling it in a style that limits damage from sun exposure, heat, cold, or over-handling. This is where caring hairstyles come into play.

Caring hairstyles for natural hair are ways to style the hair by gathering and protecting it without using heat in the process. This is particularly beneficial for the ends, the oldest and most fragile part of the hair, as they have been exposed to damage for the longest time. In addition to protective hairstyles, explore our guide to caring for brittle and weak hair . The great thing about protective hairstyles for curly hair is that you have so many possibilities, like box braids, box braids, fake dreadlocks, Marley braids, and updos.


Capacity 500ml or 75ml

It contains a protective hair booster

It helps protect hair from oxidation damage

Ideal for bleaching, colouring or another technical service (permanent, smoothing) that weakens and breaks the fibre

  • Contains maleic acid
  • pH 4,5
  • Strengthens the hair
  • Preserves colour from UV degradation
  • Limits the weakening and breakage of hair
  • Leaves hair soft, shiny and protected
  • Does not extend technical service downtime
  • It does not alter the quality and performance of the service
  • Also applicable on already damaged hair as this concentrate repairs on the damage already caused
  • For all hair types, even sensitized
  • Easy to dose, limits product wastage

Tips For Use

  • Add Davines Hair Protector Concentrate to the bleach or color mixture, following the dosage
  • For perms, smoothing, or other treatment, refer to the technical file
  • Use suitable gloves when using
  • For professional use only

Thermal Protection

Thermal protection, in the field of astronautics, as in any other area, is the set of devices used to prevent a body from being subjected to excessive temperature variations. Thermal protection can be active or passive.

Why A Thermal Protector?

Using a Thermal Protector on your hair is as important as a day cream for your face, as it keeps the hair nourished and hydrated, just like the benefits of a cream.

Available for several types of hair, Thermal Protectors are essential for those who use the hair dryer or flat iron daily or even twice a week. These heating elements are very damaging and mistreat the hair. The thermal protector, therefore, provides a layer of protection and ensures that the hair cuticles are well closed. It’s a must-have and the first step in all your hot styling adventures! In addition, the thermal protector treats the hair to offer protection against the effects of the sun’s heat!

In Other way to having a light, addictive fragrance, it has the advantage of preserving and repairing your hair.

In the hair community, not everyone agrees on exactly what is considered protective. Still, a hairstyle is generally considered protective as long as it hides the ends without using heat to promote growth. Whether you uniform your hair in a bun or a twisted updo, if the goal is to protect it from everyday damage and friction to facilitate long-term growth, it is a protective hairstyle. You can combine any protective hairstyles mentioned above with the treatment leave-in Whole Blends 10-in-1 Miracle Color Protector para conseguir protección adicional si tiñes to Cabello.

Do Protective Hairstyles Promote Hair Growth?

Protective hairstyles favour hair growth since protecting the hair allows it to be preserved and regenerated. This is true even for simple and easy protective hairstyles, such as non-braided hairstyles, ponytails, and low buns. To optimize growth, try Garnier Fructis Grow Strong 10-In-1 Leave-in Treatment

What Are The Best Protective Hairstyles For Working Out?

Taking care of the integrity of your hair should not prevent you from exercising. That’s why it’s a good idea to protect your hair before starting your routine. Whether heading out for a jog in the blazing sun or breaking a sweat at the gym, braids and twists are your best friends. To tame your hair while you work out, try Whole Blends Miracle Frizz Tamer 10-In-1 Coconut Oil & Cocoa Butter Leave-in Treatment.

What Are The Best Protective Hairstyles For Sleeping?

Protecting your hair while you sleep is crucial to avoid breakage and split ends. This is where protective sleeping hairstyles come into play: To prevent the damage caused by tossing and turning at night, which can result in tangled hair, pull your hair into a loose braid, and you’re good to go. You can also sleep with a silk or satin hat and use a pillowcase that protects the hair from friction. You can also choose other protective sleeping hairstyles like the twisted high bun, twisted braids and twisted updos. Discover one of our favourite protective bedtime hairstyles, the pineapple technique, which is perfect for curly hair.

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