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How to grow on TikTok

Grow Your Tiktok – You have already decided: that with your personal or company brand account, you will give everything on TikTok, and you need to start gaining fans and interactions and creating a community around your profile. If you don’t recognize where to start, here are some tips on how to grow on TikTok.

One of the usual ways to gain attendance and followers on any social network: search for and take advantage of the trends of each day. In TikTok, you also have a section called ‘Trends’ to see what’s going on in the app. The critical hashtags about that certain content and how many posts have been made about it. Before uploading any videos, look at the trends to see if you can publish any videos with related content.

Although those with many posts are very tempting, your video may be publishing  at the beginning if you are a small account. Try to search for trends without many videos since some have billions.

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Best Tricks To Grow TikTok

Best Tricks To Grow TikTok

TikTok has position itself as the social network of the moment with unstoppable growth. Its video format, with great creative possibilities. And a young and adolescent audience that is not always as active in other social media make it a desirable channel.

One of the particularities of TikTok compared to other social media is the relevance between two data: views and community (number of followers). Precisely in this relationship is the key from which all that we can call tricks to grow your community in this social network start.

Therefore, if your SME has already taken the step, today we want to share some tricks to grow your community on TikTok.

Follow The Trends

For those new to TikTok, an analogy that can serve as a reference to understand trends on this network is a trending topic. On Twitter, betting on them was almost certain to increase the visibility of the content because it was exposed to a large interested audience that followed that topic.

Going back to the newer network, the idea is the same. However, since there are thousands of identical videos.  You will have to find a way to differentiate yourself to get that trended view to become one more follower of your account.

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Promote Yourself On Other Channels

TikTok is all the rage, and your company may have an account here, and many of your customers.  And followers on other networks don’t know about it. To achieve this increase in the community that already knows you. Do not hesitate to place your account on this network on social media where you have already consolidate your presence, on your website and even in physical locations. Social

 Paid Advertising

Arguably a classic community-boosting trick. As with adding  social networks, you can create ads on TikTok to grow on this channel. We recommend that you study the image you are going to project well and identify the brand objectives by aligning yourself with the audience. In this way, in addition to growing, you will be using this social media to achieve the goals of your company.

Retain Your Followers

More than a trick as such to grow on TikTok, it is the basis of any brand strategy that seeks to gain a foothold in the market and have a loyal audience to target. It is already known that it is much cheaper to keep a customer than to attract a new one is something fundamental to marketing.  That has not change  with digitization However, since the medium is different, what can be done to retain the audience on TikTok?

How To Build Audience In Tik Tok

  • Recurring and well-differentiated content
  • Find the connection (two-way communication)
  • Offer exclusive resources

Although the type of content, However, precisely because the quality and communication strategies are crucial. It is advisable to carry out a preliminary study of the competition and an approach to the objectives and execution of your brand. Launching TikTok to be like any other social channel is never a good idea.

Better to do it in fewer places and well than in all and poorly. Remember that you can hire special professionals to take care of it for you or who can offer you advice and consultancies. You have at your disposal a list of partners on our website where you will indeed find the company you need.

Of objectives in it. For those companies that use it to address a specific audience segment, capture new market niches, or offer a different communication objective.

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Edit your channel bio

How often has it happens  to you that you arrive on a TikTok channel and the biography does not attract you. You usually have two substitutes either you stay to settle that you will not like the track by viewing its content, or you leave the profile.

You must keep in mind that the biography is the first thing that new users receive when they land on your profile. Add an exciting biography that catches users’ attention, and you have up to 80 characters to show your creativity and win a new follower.

This aspect is essential if you are not a personal brand or well-known company. And it is not enough to put your logo. You will have to find an added way to charm new followers.

Constantly create content

One way to gain followers is. Without a doubt, to create quality content and be constant when it comes to division content. If you go too long without position videos on TikTok, your groups will stop paying attention.  And you will lose them. Similarly, the application’s algorithm will not take you into account to show your content to new users or your groups.

In This Section, We Recommend You Keep Two Things In Mind:

  • With the speed at which the request is growing and the videos that are seen per day. According to Influencer Marketing Hub in 2018. More than a million were seen daily.
  • The short duration of the uploading  videos is about 15 seconds.

With these data, we recommend that you post a video daily.  You will gain popularity on the social network. And it will not take long to record content of 15 seconds maximum. If you find a video that has gone viral, you can try to replicate it in your way.

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