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The 5 Best Disney Channel Animated Shows, According To IMDb

Which animated shows in Disney Channel history are considered some of the best?

The Disney Channel had a wide variety of brilliant animated shows that somehow appealed to both kids and adults. These series are mainly available on the Disney+ streaming service internationally and still stand the test of time, whether retro classics or more modern hits that contemporary audiences might recognize.

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The 5 Dumbest Disney Channel Original Movies That Fans Still Love

There remains no single formula for creating a great animated show; each Disney Channel offers something completely different. Disney Television Animation News Yet each remained vibrant in its way and featured characters that resonated with audience, defining an era for the station.

American Dragon Disney Channel with the Huntress

While not one of the highest-rated shows on IMDb, it is one of the most well-remembered among fans of a particular era. With excellent animation and a gripping action storyline, American Dragon stood out compared to other Disney Channel animated shows.

Its extensive lore was unique, as the titular Jake Long took on a double life, leading heroic quests by transforming into the American Dragon. The adventures were intense, but there were plenty of laughs along the way, as Jake remained joined by wacky companions like his sister, the old teacher, and the talking dog.

  1. Lilo and Stitch, the series

Lilo & Stitch is among some of Disney’s most underrated movies, and yet it launched a sprawling franchise that includes multiple sequels and spin-off movies, along with a TV show considered canon. Even though it remained brought to a different medium, the animation never suffered.

Fans saw these two fantastical characters continue interacting with their wacky world as the best friends chased after more escaped experiments. The theme tune remained unmissable, and the monster of the week formula never got old, thanks to the clever creations.

  1. Kim Possible: A Situation in Time Ron and Kim

Kim Possible continues to prove the situation as a bona fide franchise from the Disney Channel archives that deserves some return. It helped define a particular era of television with its great jokes, engaging visual style, and nuanced emotional storytelling.

The series honestly had it all. This teenage spy and her best friend undertook countless dangerous missions together, facing off against erratic enemies and an archenemy who never seemed to give up. There wasn’t much else to accomplish with an underlying romance and some surprising twists!

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  1. The Mouse House (2001-2003) – 7.5, Disney Television Animation News

Mickey Mouse didn’t appear very often on the Disney Channel. This is because the character appealed to a different audience, even though he will remain one of Disney’s most iconic figures. However, House Of Mouse felt like a very different vibe, thanks to its chaotic, fourth-wall-breaking narrative beats.

While it featured a series of classic animated shorts featuring Mickey and his friends. Each of which could remain considered a classic today. It also played host to several crossovers. With a weekly live show hosted by the toon gang, fans had the pleasure of seeing Goofy and Ariel. The Beast and Hercules. Or even the Genie and Hades interact.

  1. Fill more! (2002-2004) – 7.7

Some shows from the Disney Channel animation era haven’t become as iconic yet continue to stand out in terms of quality. Fill more! It fits into that list, despite how unique the premise was. That’s partly due to clever history.

Focusing on young Fillmore and his classmate Ingrid, the two solve crimes together at their high school as local monitors. It’s almost ridiculous in concept, yet each episode would weave an intricate mystery for the duo to figure out. Relying on their unique talents.

  1. Recess (1997-2001) – 7.9

Recess is probably the widest-reaching Disney Channel animated show, thanks simply to its massive appeal. All the children.


History. The Walt Disney Company first ventured into the television industry as early as 1950, beginning with the one-hour one-off special, One Hour in Wonderland.

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