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Alex Hormozi Net Worth  – In 100M Offers (2021), Alex Hormozi reveals the surprises and methods that comprise the Grand Slam Offer, the marketing policy he came up with, which transformed his life. Alex went from being a would-be but broke entrepreneur, in opposition to going on credit card debt, to a millionaire philanthropist within a year. He takes readers on a drive of trial and error, dreams, and achievement while offering tips and techniques for their success.

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Built an Incredible Portfolio Up From Nothing By Alex Hormozi

As successful entrepreneurs like Alex Hormozi show, you were having awareness and introducing doors to your business is not enough. You must provide time, put in the effort, and reinvent yourself as you grow. Several know Alex as a serial entrepreneur and the co-CEO of Gym Launch, a multimillion-dollar company. He is also a philanthropist who has given large sums of money to worthwhile causes: he and his wife Leila newly gave $2M to After-School All-Stars.

The success Alex loves today began with a solo professional. Whenever information, he was on the verge of bankruptcy when he unlocked his first gym. At the time, he couldn’t even have enough money to pay two rents. He’d apply the day with clients in the gym and then sleep on the floor far ahead in the evening.

However, Alex had a dream, so he didn’t give up. For the next three years, he put the earnings he got back into the business and scaled to six positions. From 0 to 6 was an unbelievable feat for somebody who had no reputation initially, which made other gym owners curious.

The Inspiration For His Second Trade.

Alex sold the 6 gyms, and on-the-go Gym Launch, where he assisted other gym owners, became moneymaking. The business increased, and he attained an ultra-high net worth five years after the initial business launch. In 2 years, he did 33 improvements and then licensed the perfect out. It is now being secondhand by thousands of companies in altered parts of the world.

Alex then started a different company and later a software company. After positively going out the latter, he bought other companies’ pieces. Alex produced three companies to a $50M+ run rate in 3 years and grew his net worth further. Today, his joint portfolio makes about $85M per year.

The primary key to Alex’s success is perseverance. Even though it might look like his journey has been hassle-free because of its speed, he has gone through his fair share of trouble. His company lost its treatment relationship at one point because of legality. He didn’t always have the money he needed to start his projects. However, his perseverance did pay off when his business grew into an international enterprise.

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Gym Launch

Gym Launch


In late 2016, after successfully running his chain of gyms, Alex Hormozi, an aspiring entrepreneur, decided to travel across the US to pursue his new business idea, Gym Launch. Gym Launch entailed teaching gyms how to make great offers and recruit the most significant number of clients possible. Alex wanted to build on his knowledge in promoting and filling his gyms with clients.

Alex sold all his gyms to get enough capital to launch his new sales business. But the money was stolen by his new business partner, leaving him only $300 in his bank account. Yet he did not allow anything to keep him from executing his plan. To fund his venture, he used his credit card, which had a limit of $100,000.

By the first month of 2017, Alex had made $100,117, just enough to pay the $3,300 debt he was accumulating daily. And by 2017, he had finished $3,000,000 in profits. His success led him to meet his idol Arnold Schwarzenegger and become a philanthropist who attended many charity events and dinners.

Providing Unique Value

It’s crucial to understand that it’s dying if your business isn’t expanding. To keep a company developing, you must concentrate on attracting more customers, raising their average purchase value, and encouraging them to buy more frequently. Thus, a Grand Slam Offer helps your business meet all three growth objectives by allowing you to separate yourself from the competition. It enables you to do so by allowing you to offer your goods based on value rather than price alone.

A typical sales strategy aims at advertising a company’s product as a price competitor to another similar product in the market, turning your product into a commodity that people aspire to find at the lowest price possible. On the other hand, a Grand Slam offer marketing strategy promotes your development based on its unique value, giving you freedom in pricing it after your product becomes differentiated from the rest of the market and placed in a category of its own.

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