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4hz Laptop –  About,  Advantages, Components, And More


4hz Laptop  – Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, 2.4Hz, Ergonomic, Full Size, with Palm Rest for PC, Mainframe, Windows XP/7/8/10/11 – Black. It can also count among its great benefits because it weighs little and will not be difficult to move. In case your working hours are over and you decide to take your work home, it will be more comfortable and easy, because of the documents you need on this computer.

Fitting is a snap, plug within the USB receiver, and your wireless keyboard and mouse are prepared to go. It is nicely-matched with Windows XP/7/8/10. For all products, we provide 30 days of unfastened return and 12-month warranty. If you have any queries, sense free to contact us, and we can get back to you within 24 hours.


Ergonomic Design and Comfortable Typing: The wireless keyboard is designing with palm rest and foldable feet to encourage a neutral wrist posture and provide an effortless typing experience. Curve keys at the corners match the shape of your fingers and provide satisfying feedback with every click.

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse: This keyboard and mouse feature wireless control, no need to install any additional software, plug, and play. Enjoy efficient and smooth work without tangled wires. 2.4 GHz technology ensures a robust and reliable connection within an operating range of 10 m. Comes with a USB receiver (stored on the back of the mouse).

Full-Size & Portable Combination: Compact full-size keyboard with convenient media keys and numeric keypad for easy access to apps and media controls. The wireless mouse is quiet and contoured to fit your hands perfectly. 1600 DPI allows you to achieve more precise control.

Automatic Power Saving: To save battery power, the wireless keyboard and mouse will automatically go to sleep after a period of inactivity, click any button, and they will turn on again. 2 AAA batteries run the keyboard, and the mouse is powered by 1 AA battery (Note: Batteries are not included).



Attention explores space periodically at the theta frequency

The amplitude of the 4 Hz component for individual observers. An FFT was perform. For each observer separately for both the P1-P2 difference (A) and the Discriminant (B) for valid and invalid conditions. Whenever, empty black circles represent the amplitude of the 4 Hz component for individual observers. Black-filled circles represent the average across observers. Error bars reflect 95% confidence intervals. The difference between valid and invalid conditions was significant for both the P1-P2 difference (t(10) = 3.86, p = 0.001, Cohen’s d = 1.647) and the Discriminant (t(10) = 3.36, p = 0.004, Cohen’s d = 1.383).

Attention Explores Space Periodically At The Theta Frequency

Voluntary attention is at the core of cognitive functions. Awareness can be sustain at a location or reoriented in space to allow processing at other places. Which is critical in an ever-changing environment. Numerous studies have investigating attentional orienting in time and space, but little is known about the spatio-temporal dynamics of attentional.

The Tinsley 5916 Electroding Detector is the perfect equipment on board ships when the electrode method is employed to detect submarine cables buried or laid on the sea bed. This lightweight and the portable instrument can be mainly power. Another Way to operate for numerous hours from its own internal, rechargeable battery pack. Ideally suitable for use with the Tinsley Electroding Generators, the 5916 will also perform with any generator functioning in the frequency range 4 to 40Hz.


We live in a global world in constant communication thanks to the development of telecommunications and Internet facilities. In the past, it was share for employees to wait until they got to the office to solve a work problem. However, this has change significantly with the rise of smartphones. Working with laptops is the trend. That is why at Impulsa Popular, we share with you some benefits that working with these teams would give your company.

First, laptops are more comfortable thanks to their size and portability. This type of computer is characterized by being small, which makes it easy to move and work from anywhere in the company.

Laptops also use less energy than traditional computers, allowing your SME to spend less and reduce spending in this section. In addition, to charge them you only need a plug or outlet. Another significant advantage of laptops is their battery recharges, so if your company’s power supply has difficulties, you can continue working with it.


However, sometimes companies assign a laptop to the employee, or the employee works directly with his computer. This will depend on the work policy you have in your company. The important thing is that you know that with the use of these the employees of your company can carry out its management anywhere and at any time. And if you are an SME entrepreneur who is constantly on the move and in frequent meetings, without a doubt, this will be your best option.

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