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34 Weeks From Today – Pregnancy Calendar, Development Of  Baby, And More

Pregnancy Calendar

34 Weeks From Today – Calculate your due date and track your Baby’s development weekly with our pregnancy calculator. Choose a date, then enter the number of days, weeks, months, or years to add or subtract from this date. All the information on this page is provided for information only and can in no way replace the advice and recommendations of your doctor—tool for calculating date after adding or subtracting days.

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Development Of Baby

Development Of Baby

34 Weeks From Today – All of Baby’s organs have matured except for his lungs, which are still developing. The latter is currently secreting a fluid whose purpose will be to prevent pulmonary collapse (collapse of the lungs) during the Baby’s first breath. His face is no longer wrinkled but very smooth, and he continues to accumulate fat. He now has a lot of hair on his head. His vision is also changing, and he can indeed, from this week 34 of pregnancy, close his eyelids and react to light.

During this 34th week of pregnancy, the Baby does not move much because it is cramped today. Your Baby is practicing breathing and swallowing a lot of amniotic fluid  : at this stage of your pregnancy, you can sometimes even feel him hiccup  ! Don’t worry. Even if his movements are less than before, you will still feel his presence.

How Tall Is Baby At 34 Weeks Pregnant?

In this 34th week of pregnancy, the fetus measures 43 cm and weighs 2.4 kg. The Baby is now the size… of a melon! On the other hand, the Baby has already had to place his head down , in preparation for childbirth. If this is not the case, do not worry, many babies wait until the 36th week of pregnancy to adopt this position.

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Condition Of Health

At this time of pregnancy, you retain more water than usual, especially if you have gained more weight than expected. Nothing like not having heavy legs. To best avoid this inconvenience, wear compression stockings, put your legs up, drink water regularly, and do not wear too tight maternity clothes.

On the other hand, week after week, you feel short of breath more and more often. This is entirely normal. Baby grows a little more daily. Your belly presses on your stomach, lungs, and digestive system. Your ankles and feet tend to swell, don’t wear shoes that are too tight, and avoid underfloor heating.

During this 34th week of pregnancy, your breasts are tight as your due date approaches, and your cervix becomes soft. The latter continues to prepare for childbirth, so monitor your contractions closely. If these become regular, beware, labor may have started.

You also experience pregnancy-related pain in your pelvis as the bones pull apart, still in preparation for childbirth.

Review Of This Eighth Month Of Pregnancy

Review Of This Eighth Month Of Pregnancy

The term of your pregnancy is approaching, and, in a month, the Baby has grown again well. While he was no bigger than a leek at 31 weeks of pregnancy, he is now as big as a melon at the end of this eighth month! Its skeleton is now solidified, although its skull remains malleable. At this stage, Baby may have already made his last cabriole to place himself upside down, ready to point the tip of his nose

For your part, you have already gone to your 6th medical visit and made an appointment with the anesthesiologist (whether or not you wish to have an epidural ). You are starting to think about the content of the famous pregnancy suitcase! If you haven’t already, you are finally starting your maternity leave: the big day is approaching! Remember to rest because your little one draws heavily on your reserves.

More To Know About Necessary  Things

To relax, it is not always necessary to take part in specific relaxation classes. And yes, you can very well relax from your home. The procedure is simple: make yourself comfortable in your favorite chair, inhale and exhale deeply and regularly and empty your head of all negative thoughts. To do this, practice a series of “contracted-relaxed” on each part of your body. Contract your right hand, then release it. Do the same with your right forearm and then your shoulder. Continue with your left arm and your thighs, feet, and buttocks. This method of relaxation will help you relax. For best results, practice it about twice a day before meals or one hour after eating.

The Role Of The Week 34 Of Pregnancy

In this 34th week of pregnancy, the 8th month is ending! If he has a little head start in a few weeks or even a few days, Baby will point the tip of his nose. On the side of the future mother, like the second prospective parent, it is not unlikely that a small dose of stress will begin to be felt. And if you relax, prepare the ground a little for the big day? You can, for example: do a little check-up of the maternity bag, plan the trip to the maternity ward(if you go there by car, taxi, etc.), or even take a short trip to the maternity ward to familiarize yourself with the place if possible. Because very often, the “unknown” is the main factor of stress.

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